August 19 and 20, 2016
850 N Las Vegas Blvd

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Candy and Popcorn Stations

Add a Fun Candy Station to your Wedding Reception

Looking for something fun and trendy to do at your wedding reception? Candy, Ice Cream or Popcorn stations will be sure to be a big hit with your wedding guests. The stations can be themed to your decor or your personal candy or popcorn craving.

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Candy, Ice Cream and Popcorn Stations
1980 Festival Plaza Drive #165    Las Vegas, NV 89153    Map
(702) 272-0072 /Website
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Popcorn Girl
8550 W Charleston #109    Las Vegas, NV 89117    Map
(702) 258-2676 /Website /Magazine Ad
Show Exhibitor
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2620 Regatta Drive Suite #102    Las Vegas, NV 89128    Map
(702) 530-6327 /Website
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B Sweet Candy Boutique
(702) 798-2979
Show Exhibitor
Baskin Robbins Catering
(702) 688-9652
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