Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of great concern to us, but when you are planning a wedding you want as much information as possible to make informed decisions.  We have worked to come up with a way for you to be comfortable sharing your information so that you can receive the information you need without giving out your actual e-mail.  We create a temporary e-mail address for you so that when vendors contact you they are not doing it via your actual e-mail address.  You have control over how long you will receive information from our vendors and when you no longer want to receive information you can turn it off.  Or you can just choose to not receive information from certain vendor categories that you no longer require. Your alias email will be provided to our vendors who either participate in our bridal shows or are advertisers in Spectacular Bride. If you unsubscribe from all of them, you may miss out on important e-mails, so opting out completely is not recommended.

Our website does not collect personal information about individuals except when knowingly provided by such individuals. Any personal information (e.g., name, address, etc.) provided by such individuals may be used in connection with Bridal Spectacular, the Bridal Spectacular Website, Spectacular Bride Magazine and for such other purposes as may be indicated at the point of collection.


Data collected when you register is provided to the advertisers listed on this site so that they may contact you with special offers for their products and services that you need for your wedding. Your actual e-mail is not given to the vendor, an alias e-mail address will be created fof you so that you can turn off the e-mails at any time.


Data collected when you register or purchase tickets for the bridal show are only provided to the exhibitors that participate in the event. These exhibitors may contact you regarding special offers for their products and services that you may need for your wedding. We must have your information in order to be included in the show door prize drawings. Your actual e-mail is not given to the vendor, an alias e-mail address will be created fof you so that you can turn off the e-mails at any time


All credit card information is entered through a secured server through Paypal.. We are in accordance with all government regulations to protect your credit information.

Your Credit Card information is protected and not sold to third parties.


Your actual e-mail is not given to the vendors, an alias e-mail address will be created for you so that you can turn off the e-mails at any time. When you receive e-mails from vendors, you will see an unsubscribe button that allows you to unsubscribe from one vendor or all vendors. 

If you do not want us to share your personal information with our advertisers or exhibitors, please let us know by using our contact page and include your name, address, and e-mail. You may also click the opt out button at the bottom of this page. However, that is not as effective as unsubscribing once you start receiving e-mails.

For any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, you may use our contact page.

I accept these terms.

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