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Las Vegas brides, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen movies.  We’ve watched movie trailers in theaters. We’ve talked about upcoming films with friends and family. And we may have even checked out the additional hype through online media sites or TV interviews. Needless to say, we get excited about what’s coming. What if you could generate that type of hype for your upcoming Las Vegas wedding?

Guess what, brides? You can! Through a new wedding trend called save-the-date videos, you and your groom can act out your love story with a trained team of videographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and stunning locations.

Recently, Las Vegas bride Laura Hansen and groom Charles Covington gave their upcoming Las Vegas wedding a “trailer” that they could share with their wedding guests. Want to see what they created? Watch the video below by Memory Lane Video. Then, keep reading to hear about this save-the-date video experience from a Las Vegas bride like you.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? The more I watch this video, the more excited I become about Laura’s and Charles’ wedding. And the more I want to write a script, buy some costumes, hire a videographer, and snag my groom to film our own save-the-date video!

While the possibilities are endless for a save-the-date video, Laura chose to re-enact famous love scenes from classic films, such as Gone With the Wind, Singin' in the Rain, Romeo and Juliet, Casablanca, and even contemporary flick Twilight. “Charles really enjoys old movies,” Laura said. “I wanted to create a video concept that he would enjoy.”

Charles and Laura were inspired by classic films for their save-the-date video.

While Laura, a 21-year-old art education major, conceptualized the scenes, costumes, and captions, she relied on the expertise of her videography team from Memory Lane Video (MLV) for locations. To be cost-effective and efficient, Laura said, “We needed a versatile location we could shoot multiple scenes ... and we were trying to make everything look as much like the movies as possible.”

With this in mind, the MLV team recommended what Laura called “the dream location” at Aston MonteLago Village Resort at Lake Las Vegas. Then, MLV owner John Sanchez even phoned to reserve the location to film the following week. Because of MLV's eagerness to help, Laura had time to focus on additional details, like purchasing period-piece hats and renting Tuxedo Junction suit jackets with Charles.

For eight hours on filming day, MLV handled every videography detail while cosmetologists from LeBrush Artistry continually touched up Laura's makeup and styled her hair for each scene.

“Not only did do an incredible job on my hair and makeup,” Laura said, “they showed so much enthusiasm during the shoot that it made the evening even more fun!” As if that’s not amazing enough, one of the makeup artists also made a recommendation for the video’s closing scene to feature Laura and Charles watching clips from their “movie” love story. “It was perfect,” Laura said. “We went with that ending and I love it!”

For a save-the-date video, no acting experience is required. Laura, who hasn’t starred in anything since a church play at age ten, can attest to that. “But,” Laura added, “you definitely don’t want to be camera shy.” Fortunately, brides, not all videos require acting. If you’d rather stay silent, that’s okay. Videographers can film you and your groom participating in your hobbies instead, from cooking to cliff diving to rescuing stray cats in the park on Tuesdays. For your save-the-date video, all you would need to do, as Laura explained, is focus on “just being yourself or acting like you are in love—which shouldn't be hard, since you are!”

Through video, create a way to relive your love story.

Only two weeks after filming, MLV had a finished product available for Laura and Charles to preview online. Now, this bride and groom have a finalized, professional, and full-of-personality video to get guests excited about their upcoming wedding as they save the date. Laura and Charles have posted their save-the-date video “wedding trailer” to Facebook and their wedding Web site. They also plan to play a longer version of this video at their wedding, right before their grand entrance as husband and wife.

“I loved getting to work on something with my man that we will get to enjoy for a lifetime,” Laura said. Then, with a laugh, she added, “And imagine just how cool our kids will think we were.”

At the end of her save-the-date video experience, this Las Vegas bride couldn’t be happier. “The guys from Memory Lane Video are a blast to hang out with,” Laura said, “and it is thrilling to watch them at work! They are real pros, and while you are up there acting in front of their cameras, you really do get to feel like a star.”

As for the wedding guests, Laura and Charles have received plenty of positive feedback. Furthermore, this happy couple is glad to have created a way to relive and remember their love story. And that is, perhaps, the most important part of this process—the celebration of love.

* * *

Written by Allyson Siwajian

Engagement photos taken by Suzi Lighten of TSL Photography.

Save-the-date video created by Memory Lane Video.