Dive into A Magical Underwater Engagement Shoot

Bridal Spectacular features unique engagement photography by Jacob Galleries.

If you are looking for engagement photos that are incredibly unique and push all of the wedding boundaries, then we have a real treat for you! Featured in the spring edition of Spectacular Bride Magazine, The Art of the PreWedding (Engagement) photo session by Jacob Galleries is something that is truly out of this world!

Jacob Galleries majestically crafts engagement sessions in exotic locations for uniqueness. Instead of having an amazing landscape photograph that one could simply buy at an art gallery, how about the idea of having that amazing art photography be of you and your loved one celebrating your cherished love? An underwater photo session gives couples a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create true art that you will cherish for a lifetime!

How The Engagement Photo Shoot Works

The concept for underwater photography is about the “flow” of the dress and defying gravity, where all “actions” slow in time. The goal of the photos is to capture how you feel when you are next to your loved one in an extraordinary way. So how exactly does a photo shoot of this magnitude happen? Jacob himself shares the all of the behind-the-scenes details below!

“The day starts with the bride and groom working with my makeup artist,” Jacob shared. “They have to know underwater makeup (not much to do with hair, LOL), the foundation is different and most important the sealer. Once they are done with the makeup, then they change into their outfits — and we all (yes, including me) dive into the swimming pool.”

“I give my brides and grooms direction on posing and what I am trying to get from them. I dive first and then they dive 3-5 seconds later. Once under the water, the bride and groom will do the action, then they will go up for air, dive again, and repeat the same action until we get the perfect shot.”

“A few things to note to brides and grooms that have never done this; the most common mistakes are  that couples hold their breath underwater, resulting in that unpleasant bubbly face. So I always let them know to blow the air out once they are underwater and then go up when they need to get more air. Additionally, most of the brides and grooms that I work with are ok opening their eyes underwater, which is quite challenging too. I don’t know how they all do it, but they do!”

To learn more about The Art of the PreWedding (Engagement) photo session by Jacob Galleries, please visit www.jacobgalleries.com.

Bridal Spectacular Thanks These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals

Thank you to all the talented wedding professionals who helped create these amazing photos:

  • Jacob Galleries (photo + video)
  • Wedding Factories (event planning & design)
  • ShabbyChic Me (floral sculpture)
  • Cirque de Lumiere (lighting and special EFX)
  • Play Couture (vintage gown and outfits) exclusive for Jacob Galleries
  • Mirror Me Booth (photo and video booth)

About Jacob Galleries

Based out of Arcadia, California and now Las Vegas, Jacob Galleries is an extension of the parent company, Wedding Factories. Jacob Galleries provides services in wedding photography, videography as well as custom letterpress design and printing. In addition to their own photography studio, they also feature a 1,000 square-foot letterpress printing facility equipped with 14 printers that are available for clients to print their own letterpress wedding invitations or the company can also provide full-service design and printing services.

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Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches



Dive into A Magical Underwater Engagement Shoot
Dive into A Magical Underwater Engagement Shoot