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Photo Booths

Wedding Guests Want To Have Photo Fun

If you are looking for something for your guests to do at the wedding that is sure to to be festive and fun, photo booths and party photos are the answer.

Your guests will have a blast taking photos together, making funny faces and creating memories for them and for you when you see the results. Have your photo booth photos scrap booked and signed by your guests to create a special keepsake.

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Photo Booths
DropBox Videobooth
(619) 944-9515
DropBox Videobooth creates lasting memories in an inviting environment. No one is too camera shy for a DropBox Video and it’s easy to use. Family and friends love sharing their thoughts and wishes for the newly married couple in this classy videobooth. We make capturing wedding day memories effortless and fun. Come join the DropBox Video experience.
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Snazzy Booths
(702) 690-6835
Snazzy Booths are the flashiest, most luxurious photo booths anywhere. Snazzy Booths do more than just take pictures. Unlike other photo booths, a Snazzy Booth actually "WOWS" your guests with its appearance and takes your party to the next level. WHY CHOOSE ANOTHER PHOTO BOOTH WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE SNAZZIEST BOOTH?
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Kitty's Photo Booth
(562) 332-5478 /Website
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Selfie Squad
(702) 793-1142 /Website
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(702) 755-1539 /Website /Magazine Ad
Show Exhibitor
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IFlick Photo booth
(702) 882-7358
Show Exhibitor
Ugly Duck Photo Booths
(702) 591-4004