Meet The Bridal Spectacular Team

About Us:  The Bridal Spectacular has been bringing engaged couples and the wedding services they need together since 1991.

Debra Hansen, President &  Publisher
Debra has been intricately involved in the wedding industry starting over 50 years ago.  Her family owned a bridal shop in Vero Beach, FL when she was a teen where she worked for several years. With just a few years deviation in careers like insurance sales, insurance investigator and ball room dance teacher, she then settled in Vegas in 1980. There she opened a wedding specialty flower shop in Las Vegas for 12 years while at the same time her husband, John ran a DJ company for 20 years. This background has made it possible for her to understand the needs of her vendors. A wedding expert in the wedding industry Since 1991, she has produced Las Vegas’ largest (in vendor size and bride attendance) bridal show.

As CEO of the company, Debra handles all bookkeeping, show promotion and marketing. She is often available on Facebook to chat with you about your business needs or send her an e-mail!

Debra has been a member of Bridal Show Producer’s International as a charter member in 1996 and served on its board in all positions for 14 years.  Her life long goal has been to service the wedding community by bringing the brides and the services they need together while doing business with honesty and integrity.  She is also the mother of two grown children who work with her in the business and has been married for over 38 years to her husband, John Hansen. She is also now a grandmother and loving spending time with her grandsons!

Laura Hansen: Vice President & Sales Manager, Art Director, and Fashion Show Production

Laura graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff with a Bachelors Degree in Education as an Art Teacher. However, after graduation she decided to join the family business, Bridal Spectacular Events, Inc.. She has been working with her family since her teens producing Las Vegas’ top bridal show and wedding publication Spectacular Bride Magazine.  The Bridal Spectacular fashion show has won many international awards through Bridal Show Producer’s International for their fashion shows. Laura is the fashion show coordinator and commentator.  In addition, Laura, is now Vice President of the company and the Sales and Marketing manager.  Laura got married in 2011 and is in the ideal position to give you feedback on what brides want and are looking for from wedding vendors.  Laura and her husband Charles are now parents of two boys, Charlie and Ty.  Laura would love to come meet and talk to you and show you how we can help you reach more brides.

Laura has also served on the board of Bridal Show Producer’s International  and  Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce.

Ty Hansen: Web Master Developer and  Show Production

Ty graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from University of Advanced Technology.  He has grown up in the bridal show business, working at every show since he was 5 years old.  He is an integral part of the production of every event.  He also developed our website with all of it’s unique features.  He is currently back living in Las Vegas, where he is a CFO at AV Vegas, a sound, staging and backline company. AV Vegas has provided our staging and sound for our fashion shows for many years.

Joan Barge, Show Production Manager and Customer Relations

Joan  joined the team in November of 2015 and is already a great asset to the company. You will find Joan actively involved in every aspect of producing our events. She is also the customer relations manager and always willing to help with a smile. She is also our Social Media and special project manager. In her spare time she is also a fitness instructor.  She is married and has two children.

Bridal Spectacular Team Members

Joan, Debbie, Ty and Laura   Image by MPlace Productions

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