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Fun and Easy Planning

Planning on-line is great but sometimes we need a spot for our thoughts and scribbles.  Subscribe to our newsletter get access to our free Printables pages as well as great wedding planning tips and deals. We have helpful budget worksheets, pages for organizing your bridal party and their responsibilities, coloring pages and so much more! Have fun making a Wedding Planning binder that will help you in the wedding planning process from beginning to end and become a treasured keepsake of your engagement.

Fun and Easy Planning

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Customizable Cover Sheet

customizable cover sheet for your printables

Customizable Cover Sheet. Three designs available for all couples.

Bridal Party Planning

Bridal Party Planning Page

Bridal Party Planning Worksheet & Tips. Alternate designs available so that every couple can find resources that work for them.

Planning Time Table

Stay on Schedule and keep track of important dates and deadlines! The Planning Time Table advises you of when to complete your wedding planning tasks starting from 6+ months before your wedding date! Check everything off your list for a smooth wedding planning experience.

Wedding Protocol

Wedding protocol. This answers simple questions for various types of wedding ceremonies and religious ceremonies. Who walks down the aisle in what order? Should we have a receiving line? and more!

Budget Planner

This page will give you insight into what wedding services cost and what percent of your budget should be spent on specific items. Plug in your numbers to create a budget plan that is specific for you! Remember of course that this is just a guide and make adjustments as needed.

Wedding & Reception Responsibilities

Alternate options for all couples

Love is Love

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