Testimonies from Exhibitors of Bridal Spectacular

Bridal Spectacular Vendor Testimonials


The Bridal Spectacular has over 30 years of experience producing the largest bridal and wedding expos.  Many of our wedding vendors have been exhibiting with us for  10 to 20  years or more.  Here is just a sampling of testimonials from local participating wedding professionals. Bridal Spectacular Show Reviews –   



The Bridal Spectacular is hands down the best bridal show in Las Vegas. If you are planning a wedding or even an event the Bridal Spectacular has the most vendors and the best fashion shows all in one awesomely decorated space. The show brings together not only vendors with the best services in Las Vegas but offers ideas for brides with any budget. The Bridal Spectacular offers more than just a show. There is a planner and a website offering the most wedding planning recourses in Nevada. The Bridal Spectacular is the only place to meet brides who are truly planning their wedding. The Bridal Spectacular staff works hard to bring it all together twice a year for 20 years! No other show does it better      Knight Sounds DJ’s  57+ shows



Doing a bridal spectacular show is like a family business affair – fun, friendly, and honest. Ella Gagiano Photography20+ shows


I realize that as show producers you receive criticism for every aspect of the show. I want you to know that no vendor can expect you to put up the house and invite people over unless they plan their menu and have a decent amount to offer. As advertisers, we still need to show up and show up with our best game. Whether it is our 1st of 20th show. Day 1 or day 2. We need to take accountability for how well we succeed at the show as well. If no one told you yet, I think you did an amazing job, out the gate! All your experiences at Rio were uncharted territory. You executed the show flawlessly. Thank you for all that you do every day.Megan Payne Makeup in the 702   11+ shows


We have been exhibiting at Las Vegas (LV) Bridal Shows shows for 15yrs. The Bridal Spectacular shows consistently prove to be the best Return On Investment, compared to other LV Bridal Shows. The LV convention industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. The Bridal Spectacular Team has enthusiastically stepped up to the challenge of these changes to ensure their Bridal Spectacular Shows are the best way to get the Face-to-Face contact with potential couples. John SanchezMemory Lane Video  37+ shows


Bridal Spectacular always compliments our marketing strategy. We consistently have clients coming to the show to check in, we always make new sales, and view the show as essential in our presence in the industry. M Place ProductionsMatt Schenk  16+ shows


I love the demographic of the attendees at this show. The ballroom room was beautiful, and the Bridal Spectacular team is always amazing to work with!  -Wendy Garcia  Your Day Weddings & Events, Inc.  12+ shows


Bridal Spectacular creates a positive atmosphere for vendors to successfully interact with motivated couples.LuxLife Las Vegas6+ shows


The Bridal Spectacular has been a great way to connect with couples! We always have great success with the shows and especially love the magazine! Lisa Derfler Moxie Studio 15+ shows


In my opinion, Bridal Spectacular is the ONLY quality wedding show.  Brandi Montano DragonRidge Country Club  23+ shows


“the absolute best place to meet brides and grooms in Las Vegas!” –  Paper and Home 22+ shows


We’ve been at this bridal show for almost 20 years and have found it to be very productive. The bride turn-out has always been excellent and the quality of brides is also very good. Working with the staff is easy and their response to vendor issues has always been quick and positive.We highly recommend the show to everyone as THE show to attend. Barry Posner – UltraHoneymoons42+ shows

Shutterbooth always looks forward to the Bridal Spectacular. We love to see the blushing brides, handsome grooms and happy families. This is truly one of the most important times in their lives. The Bridal Spectacular is the best way to make your wedding dreams come to fruition. Todd Herod 26+ shows

WE SAID YES TO THE BEST!! You simply can’t get a better return on your investment than exhibiting at Bridal Spectacular Bridal Shows. The Bridal Spectacular gives any company a great platform to be able to show your product or service first hand to a large population of YOUR clients. Whether your clients are Brides and Grooms, fellow exhibitors, or both, you are given the opportunity to meet and greet them all. We should all be so fortunate to have such a well produced show, with so much history, right here in Las Vegas. At the end of the August 2015 show, we will say YES TO THE BEST once again, and sign ANOTHER 3-year contract with Bridal Spectacular:) 23+ shows


This year was my 20th Bridal Spectacular show, and by far my best one yet! Every year I continue to exhibit in these shows not only because it brings me new clients, but also because it allows me to make valuable connections with other vendors and add credibility to my business. The Bridal Spectacular team has amazing customer service, and they put on an extremely professional and well structured event. They value their clients and the brides and grooms in Las Vegas, and it shows! 19+ shows


Bear’s Best has participated in the Bridal Spectacular shows for many, many years. This show is “THE” Bridal Show to attend if you are wanting quality of Vendors and qualified brides! This show is one of the main reasons that our Venue has become on the most sought after sites for wedding Ceremonies/Receptions! It is a great time to discover all the things you need or want for your wedding. We will continue to support this show now and in the future! These are simply good people! Come visit us at our booth! 38+ shows



Enjoy!  You all deserve a big reward for all your hard work! Another fabulous show!!!   Paula Gold, Visionary Pen, 25+ shows



Erin covered in band-aids! From impractical shoes of course!  Said the show was awesome!! We love Bridal Spectacular! Blisters and all! Thank you guys! XO  Erin Mills, A  Secret Garden, 41+ Shows



I am proud to say that my company LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals will be at the Bridal Spectacular at Cashman Center in January.  It is a show with integrity, poise, and most of all…BRIDES! Thank you Debra Hansen for all that you do in the Las Vegas wedding community.  Your contributions have made the industry better for wedding professionals, and for thousands upon thousands of Brides and Grooms. People in Las Vegas know the Bridal Spectacular name.  They’ve heard the commercials for 20 years.  If you want Brides and Grooms, as well as other vendors to see what you offer you must sign up to be in this show. This is a good choice for any company wanting to increase business.  Kevin Cordova LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals.



I am pleased to say that my experience with the staff of Bridal Spectacular is above and beyond any other team I have worked within my career.  They are honest & sincere and one of the main reasons I look forward to participating in their shows.  I have been involved in the Bridal Spectacular since 2003 and have found this one of the best ways to meet prospective Brides & Grooms, showcase your work, and network with other vendors in the wedding profession.  I would recommend any Wedding Professional get highly involved with Debbie and her team.  They truly are a Class A Act     John Sanchez  & Ricky Gulati of Memory Lane Video