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Bridal Beauty Checklist

Brides, prepare for your Las Vegas weddings with this easy-to-follow bridal beauty checklist. Here you’ll find helpful tips to improve your health, enhance your natural beauty, feel confident, and look your best for your wedding day. Remember to start early and set achievable goals along the way.

Hair: Bridal Beauty Tips

✓ Select a wedding hairstyle. Look at bridal photographs and celebrity hairdos online or in magazines for inspiration.

✓ Condition your hair. Revive your hair with a conditioner created to treat your hair type. Visit a salon and ask for professional assistance, or search a local drugstore for available hair care products.

✓ Trim your hair. Ask a professional stylist to remove any split ends for a fresh, healthy appearance.

✓ Recolor dyed hair. If you regularly dye your hair, then touch up your look two weeks before the wedding day. Remember to select a shade similar to your natural color or everyday look.

✓ Schedule a wedding hairstyle trial at a salon. Explain your ideal look to your stylist, and bring photographs as examples. Then let her style your hair in a trial run, so you can both make sure she knows exactly what you want for your wedding day.

Skin and Cosmetics: Bridal Beauty Tips

✓ Wash your face with a gentle cleanser every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed.  This will cleanse pores, prevent breakouts, and safely remove excess oil. Finish with a hydrating facial lotion or toner.

✓ Visit a dermatologist. If you’re concerned about acne, scars, dry skin or wrinkles, ask a professional dermatologist to assist you in finding a skincare regimen.

✓ Experiment with spray tans. If you want a tan, go for a natural glow that’s just a few shades darker than your current skin tone. Try a spray tan to prevent damaging burns, and always test it several months in advance to ensure you like the look.

✓  Wear a lip moisturizer or chapstick with sunscreen. This keeps your lips soft, smooth, primed for lipstick, and absolutely kissable.

✓ Schedule a trial-run with a make-up artist. Rather than stress about creating the perfect look by yourself before your wedding, relax and let a professional give you a long-lasting natural appearance that’s completely camera-ready.

✓ Tweeze your eyebrows. Achieve a natural look with a shape that best fits your facial structure. Book an appointment at a salon or spa for professional assistance.

Hands and Feet: Bridal Beauty Tips

✓ Schedule routine manicures. Whether you do it yourself or visit a nail care salon, keep your hands looking beautiful for a time when everyone wants to see your ring.

✓ Apply hand lotion daily. This smoothes calluses and rough patches to give you a soft feel when you hold your groom’s hands.

✓ Use cuticle oil every night. Rid your hands of hangnails and scabby cuticles with this soothing oil or replenishing balm.

✓ Wear rubber gloves while cleaning house. Promote a healthy appearance and protect your nails’ natural oils by preventing contact with harsh chemicals.

✓ Get a pedicure. Prepare your feet with a salon appointment to exfoliate your heels and soles, stimulate circulation, and polish your toenails with your favorite color.

Health: Bridal Beauty Tips

✓ Hit the gym. Establish an exercise regimen to stay fit, be healthy, and gain more energy. Once you find what works for your body, stick with it. You may also substitute routine dance classes, outdoor workouts, and recreational activities.

✓ Drink six to eight glasses of water each day. If you’d like, use a refillable water bottle to gauge your progress. Yes, you might need to make more trips to the bathroom, but it will be worth it to stay hydrated, build immunity, and be healthy.

✓ Improve your diet. Stay away from harmful foods, such as salty snacks, too much alcohol, and sugary soda. Replace these items with healthier food to give your skin a natural glow, complement your exercise routine, and let you feel better from the inside out.

✓ Whiten teeth. This can be as easy as lessening your coffee intake and brushing well several times a day. If necessary, visit a dentist for a professional whitening of your smile.

✓ Sleep for 7-8 hours each night. Nothing will revitalize your body, brain, and spirit like receiving the rest you need. Try listening to soft music, dimming the lights, journaling, or staying away from your computer to quiet your mind before bed.

✓ Receive a massage. Release tension and calm your nerves with a scheduled massage, whether it’s from your willing groom or a trained salon professional.

Find a professional: Bridal Beauty Tips

Would you like to hire a professional to assist you with hairstyles, make-up, beauty, health and wellness? Visit Bridal Spectacular’s website to find lists of Las Vegas wedding professionals and beauty experts in these fields within our “Wedding Services” tab.  Once you’ve reviewed their websites or even met through consultations, you’ll be fully equipped with the resources you need for your wedding day.

Brides, for all these bridal beauty tips, remember that you’re beautiful to begin with and that’s something your groom saw in you. With a positive attitude and a determination to embrace your natural features, you’ll continue to see yourself as he sees you: You’re one beautiful bride!

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Author: Allyson Siwajian

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Bridal Beauty Checklist