Changing Your Last Name

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What do you need to do if you plan to change your last name?

After your vows are said and the last drop of champagne has been drunk, it’s time for the honeymoon. Whether this lasts a weekend or a couple weeks, enjoy your time away from work, home responsibilities, and wedding planning. But when you return, now rejuvenated and officially joined with your groom in marriage, you’ll have to settle back into life’s daily routines. Amidst this transition, you’ll have one final wedding planning item—your name change. To streamline this process for you, we’ve created an official Bridal Spectacular name change checklist and answered several frequently asked questions about name changes after Las Vegas weddings.

What will my name change look like?

What a name change entails is completely up to each bride. You may want to follow tradition and accept your husband or partners last name as your own. If you’d like to maintain ties to your maiden name for work or family purposes, then consider hyphenating your maiden name with your groom’s last name. Some brides even keep their maiden name in their work sphere while taking their partners name in the social arena. On occasion, newlyweds also combine their last names to create a new family. Whatever you choose is up to you. Just be sure to inform the government, official organizations, and other professionals of your new name.

Always take your marriage certificate with you. Here’s an example of what to order.

What do I need in order to change my name?

Generally, you will need:

  • a certified copy of your recorded marriage certificate,
  • a new Social Security card, and
  • a new driver’s license or identification card.

Remember to order your certified marriage certificate (which is different from your marriage license) after the wedding, either in person or online through the Clark County Recorder’s office. This document will help you complete paperwork and give legal credence to your name change.

Where do I go first to change my name?

After you receive your certified copies of your recorded marriage certificate, you can begin the name change process. Start at the Social Security office to apply for your first name change. Then after you’ve applied, visit the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to renew your driver’s license with a new name and possibly new address. Once you receive your new Social Security card and driver’s license/identification card, you must bring these cards and your marriage certificate with you to legally change your name elsewhere.

What do I have to change my name for? Who needs to know?

While it may vary with each bride, many newlyweds find they need name changes for these items. Review this checklist to see what you’ll need to update with your new last name:

  • Bank Accounts—Savings and Checking
  • Bank Checks, Debit Cards, and ATM Cards
  • Car Insurance
  • Car Titles
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Reporting Agency
  • Deeds
  • E-mail address and online accounts
  • Employee Records
  • Health Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Life Insurance
  • Loan Offices
  • Medical Records: Doctor, Dental, Specialist Care
  • Memberships
  • Nevada Driver’s License
  • Post Office
  • Property Titles
  • Social Security Card
  • Stock Certificates
  • Student Records
  • U.S. Passport
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Voter Registrar
  • Will

Author: Allyson Siwajian, Staff Writer for Bridal Spectacular

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What do you need to do if you plan to change your last name?