Wedding Ring Shopping Tips

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What To Look For When Shopping for Wedding Rings and Bands

Choosing wedding rings is about defining your relationship through physical representation. First and foremost, your wedding ring demonstrates your commitment to your marriage. It reminds you who to be true to, affirms your spouse of your love, and lets everyone else know you’re taken. Whether you and your fiancé have matching bands or different designs, both of you will have these symbols of love with you wherever you go.

Ultimately, they’re more than just pieces of jewelry. They symbolize the love and commitment you promise each other for the rest of your lives.

Through a ring’s symbolism, you can set the tone for your marriage. With its design, your personality can also be displayed. However, remember that the appearance isn’t everything. Consider your lifestyle too. Accommodate your professions, safety concerns, health and allergies, daily activities, and outdoor hobbies.

Getting Started

Choosing a wedding ring can be daunting. It would be best if you talked about it comprehensively. If you’ve been in a relationship for an extended period, this might be straightforward since you know each other’s quirks. But if this is a whirlwind romance, you have a lot of homework to do.

Want some direction on how to start? Below is a list of categories and questions to help you choose your ideal ring. Keep this in mind: It’s likely you won’t have most of these questions answered on your own. Rather, these questions are designed to get you thinking about what is best for your wedding ring’s appearance and practicality. Once you’ve considered these, visit jewelers to receive their professional opinions, explore your options, sample your favorite rings, and finalize the details.


Which metal do you prefer?

  • Yellow gold = Known as traditional wedding metal, this is especially popular for matching bands.
  • White gold = This gold has the appearance of silver, but without the maintenance, and can often be accompanied by gemstones.
  • Rose gold = Like you’d assume, this gold has a pink hue.
  • Titanium= This metal is hypoallergenic, and it exemplifies the latest technology with its smooth edges and use in the engineering world.
  • Tungsten = Highly durable and scratch-resistant, this metal is excellent for couples who are active in sports or hard on their hands at work.

The choice of metal is critical in wedding rings. It is an essential factor in durability, value, and maintenance. When shopping for wedding rings, go to a brand that offers a wide variety of metal, like Anania’s Wedding Rings and other jewelers, so you’ll have many options.  


  • Would you like a textured or smooth surface?
  • Would you like to incorporate a pattern?
  • Any symbolic elements that need to be visually present?
  • Should you look for a style with stones? If so, which kind of stones? (Depending on the stones you choose, you may have additional choices like cut, color, inclusions, and karat.)

Here you can play it up and adapt your style and taste. You can go the classic and timeless route. Or you can have your ring intricate and unique. You may even have the ring embedded with your specific gemstone. The vital thing is to take your time thinking about this and choose something you’ll be comfortable and proud to wear.


  • Flat or rounded edges?
  • Any internal curvature? (Curvature is especially helpful for those who aren’t used to wearing rings.)
  • How wide would you like the ring to be?
  • Is the design you’ve chosen compatible with your desired width?

The shape of the ring will depend on your comfort, fit, and style. Choose something that will be comfortable on your knuckles. When you visit your jeweler, try several shapes and walk on them like a shoe. 


  • What’s your ring size? (Have a professional measure your finger again.)
  • Have you accounted for the time of year? (Remember fingers can swell in the summer and shrink in size in cold weather. You don’t want your ring to become too tight.)
  • Do your knuckles keep the ring from sliding off your finger, but allow you to remove the ring if necessary (i.e. for safety reasons, for cleaning, etc.)?


  • How does the ring feel on your finger?
  • Is it too heavy?
  • Is it too wide?
  • Do the edges dig into your skin?
  • Can the jeweler modify the shape?
  • Will the stones or design inhibit your daily activities or hobbies?

If you’re not sure what would be best for you, a Las Vegas jeweler and wedding professional will be more than happy to help you.  Make an appointment, and go with your groom.

Take your time, and feel free to postpone a purchase if you need to further consider your options.  Always remember to discuss this decision with your fiancé to ensure you’re both happy with your wedding rings.

Author: Allyson Siwajian, Staff Writer for Bridal Spectacular

What To Look For When Shopping for Wedding Rings and Bands