Which Side of The Aisle Should You Sit On?

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Where To Sit? Brides Side or Groom's Side?

Whether you are planning a Las Vegas wedding or some other destination closer to home, here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding wedding protocol

Where does Everyone Sit During The Ceremony? Right or Left?

Proper Etiquette has the Bride’s Family and Guests sitting on the Left with the Groom’s Family and Guests sitting on the right.

Keep in mind, this is just a guideline. If you feel one side or the other might be lopsided in the number of guests, just seat your guests evenly.  Also, check with your officiant and he/she may have different instructions for you based on where he/she plans to have you face and what works best for the photography.

Recently, many couples have chosen to use A “Choose a Seat Not a Side” sign to alleviate the decision completely.

What is the proper line up for a Christian Processional or Traditional Processional?

From the altar of the church, this is the order you would see the wedding party appear.


Groom and The Best Man



Maid of Honor

Ring Bearer

Flower Girl

 The Bride and her Escort(s)

For the Recessional, the order reverses with the Bride & Groom leaving first!

Images by M Place Production  Article by Debra Hansen

Where To Sit? Brides Side or Groom's Side?