All the moments that make up the Perfect Wedding Day at Las Vegas Paiute Resort.


How do you envision your Perfect Wedding Day in Las Vegas?

When you think of your upcoming wedding what are the moments you imagine yourself cherishing. Your perfect wedding day is drawing ever closer and you will want to make sure that nothing is forgotten. Check out these gorgeous photos from Luxlife Las Vegas. They didn’t miss a thing!

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Getting Ready Shots

There is something special about those moments you are getting ready for the wedding. Its time with your crew, perhaps a special moment with a parent or treasured person. There are the butterflies in your stomach paired with the fact that you look more stunning today than any day before thanks to your skilled Las Vegas hair and makeup team. Here we can see Natalie and Elizabeth from Glammed Up Las Vegas dolling up our lovely bride.

Glammed up Vegas doing makeup and hair on a stunning Las Vegas Bride

Beautiful Las Vegas Bride

The Family and Friend Session

You have selected your bridal party with care and your family is on hand. Don’t miss this chance to capture photos with the people that matter. Have a list prepared in advance of all the shots you need and your important group shots.

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The Ceremony

This is the moment. The moment you say “I do” and promise to spend your lives together. Everyone in the audience feels the emotion but this moment is for you. Let you photographer capture the emotion on your faces as you declare your love.

The groom watches his Las Vegas Bride walk down the aisle to him.
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The Bridal Session

After saying “I Do!” Your guests and Bridal Party will go to the cocktail hour while you spend some quality time with your new spouse and your photographer. I’m sure one of these images will end up on your mantle.

Couple poses in front of stormy desert sky on a lush lawn at Paiute Golf Club just outside Las Vegas

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The Party

The reception is a great place for your photographer to capture images of your guests enjoying their time at your celebration. So many fun, candid moments with smiling faces, dancing friends, and that uncle who had a bit too much to drink. oops!

Las Vegas couple enjoy their first dance on their wedding night.


The Decor

You put a lot of energy and money into making your wedding beautiful. Make sure your photographer captures the details too!
Fuschia and wheat table settings at a Las Vegas Wedding

Fuschia and wheat table settings at a Las Vegas Wedding

Vendor Credits

Couple: Giulia and Michael Madaj

Venue: Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

Photography and Videography: Luxlife Las Vegas

Hair and Makeup: Glammed Up Vegas

Flowers: Blossoms by Gail

Wedding Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaids: Azazi

All the moments that make up the Perfect Wedding Day at Las Vegas Paiute Resort.