A Guide to Choosing Wedding Day Shapewear


A Guide To Choosing Wedding Day Shapewear

Your wedding day is the time to look and feel your best. With so many eyes on you and your partner, you won’t want to be worried about your appearance, especially not how you look in your wedding gown. The easiest way to alleviate any concerns you may have about your figure and how you look in your dress is shapewear. Shapewear can help smooth and perfect your body under any piece of clothing.

If your wedding day is the first time you are planning on wearing shapewear, you probably have a few questions about the whole process in terms of what to buy and how to wear it. Luckily, we’ve answered some common questions women have about shapewear when it comes to their wedding day look. Use this guide to choosing wedding day shapewear to help you! Keep reading to learn more!

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When Should I Buy My Shapewear and When Should I Wear It?

The first thing on your mind when considering purchasing shapewear for your wedding day is when you should buy it. The short answer is that it’s completely up to you. The long answer is as follows: When you are initially trying on dresses, visiting shops, or even checking out a trunk show to find your perfect gown, you probably won’t need to bring shapewear with you. You’ll want to use these initial visits to try out a variety of dress styles to see which you feel most comfortable in before you consider buying shapewear.

Once you’ve found the dress of your dreams, you should take into account the style of your gown. If you’ve selected a form-fitting, sultry dress, it may be in your best interest to bring your shapewear with you to some of your final fitting appointments. This way, if any alterations are needed, you’ll have the opportunity to see the full effect of your bridal look before the big day.

The final fitting is not the last time you should wear your shapewear, however. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, it’s a good idea to “test drive” your shapewear underneath your clothes to get used to the fit and feeling of the garment. In doing so, you will either have time to adjust to how the piece feels on your body, or find a new shapewear solution. Figuring these things out prior to your wedding day will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident on the day of the ceremony.

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What Style Should I Buy?

​​The type of shapewear that you should buy for your wedding day look depends greatly on the style of your dress, your body type, and your preferences for how you want to look during your celebration.

  • For especially form-fitting gowns, a full-body, full-coverage piece of shapewear is most appropriate. If you don’t think you’d feel comfortable wearing a tight-fitting dress without shapewear, wearing a piece that includes both smoothing coverage of the torso, hips, and thighs can help you feel more confident.
  • For a dress that is flowy from the waist down, but still requires a bit of smoothing and shaping in the torso area, a piece that has a bikini or thong-cut bottom with an extra high-waisted panel to hold in the waist is a perfect solution. This way, you aren’t constricting any parts of your body that don’t need to be, as they won’t be visible beneath your dress. 
  • For any other style of dress that requires a unique piece of shapewear, find a shapewear solution that makes you feel good. At the end of the day, the choice to wear shapewear on your wedding day is completely up to you. Chances are, if there is a concern you want to alleviate with shapewear, there is likely a piece out there that can fit your unique needs. 

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What Size Should I Buy?

Shapewear sizing can often be deceiving as the pieces tend to look smaller than they really are. Be sure to pay close attention to any size guides provided wherever you choose to buy shapewear. Typically, if you can find a sizing chart to reference, you’re in luck! Simply try on a piece that is the same size as your wedding dress, and you should be good to go! In less convenient circumstances, taking your body measurements is another way to find your perfect size shapewear. 

While you may not want to put such a great deal of effort into choosing the proper sizing of your shapewear, in the end, your time will be well-spent. On an occasion as significant as your wedding day, you’ll want to look and feel perfect. If you are wearing anything that doesn’t fit you properly, chances are, you won’t look or feel your absolute best.

When putting together your wedding day look, your comfort and confidence should be your top priority. Whether shapewear is something you think would make you feel more secure on your wedding day, or if you prefer to go without it, that decision is completely up to you. If you are planning on wearing shapewear with your wedding dress, we hope you enjoyed these tips to make sure you select the perfect piece!

A Guide to Choosing Wedding Day Shapewear
A Guide to Choosing Wedding Day Shapewear