Six Entertaining and Hosting Must Haves for your Wedding Registry


Looking forward to entertaining guests in your newlywed home? Your Wedding Registry can help you prepare

No doubt one of the fun milestones of wedding planning is selecting items for your wedding registry with your partner. You are starting a life together and you want your home and the things in it to reflect you as a couple. Especially if you enjoy entertaining guests. A wedding registry is an excellent method to obtain the items for your new life together. Here are our top 5 recommendations and ideas for making your registry work for you and your future entertaining plans.

Group,Of,Friends,Making,Barbecue,In,The,Backyard,At,DinnerSix Ways to Use Your Wedding Registry to Help Your Entertaining Needs

  • Create a space that works for you and your guests 

When Hosting, your space affects the ambiance. When designing the layout of your space don’t consider just your needs as a couple. Think about how you will interact with your space when your friends are visiting. Does your couch seat more than two? Do you have a space to layout appetizers, desserts and drinks? How can your wedding registry help you with this? You can register for ALL kinds of items now. Create a wedding registry on to be able to register items from hundreds of websites all in one place! You can add furniture from your favorite local or online retailers. And you can add items from staple stores like Amazon and Target too! Almost wherever you like to shop. 

  • Quality Appliances for Entertaining

Hosting a Party at home can require tools that may not be in your typical kitchen tool collection. This can be a little troublesome as they take up precious storage space in your cabinets so it is important to think about what you will REALLY use. For example. My husband and I ended up feeling a little silly about the tortilla warmer we registered for when we realized we had never used it after a year or two. But I LOVE my vegetable tray as I am always bringing fresh veggies and Farmers Market Dip to parties and of course using it when I host. Other handy tools for entertaining are crock pots, dip warmers, serving and presentation wares, standalone ice maker and a wine cooler.

Beddy's bed set shown in a guest room setting

  • Guest Comfort

Of course picking items for your own bedroom for the registry is exciting and fun but don’t forget the guest room. Create a relaxing space for guests to relax when visiting your home. One of my top picks for any room is a Beddy’s bed set. I have these on every bed in the house. They are warm (but not too warm for Vegas) Cuddly and keep your rooms looking tidy as the bed is easier to make than ever! Zip and done! A pile of neatly folded towels in the guest room as well as toiletry items show that you are really putting in the effort to meet all your guests needs. Make sure your guest room has access to things like fans and space heaters so that your guests are comfortable year round.

  • Your hosting Style

Your Wedding Registry is a great chance to create your hosting style. Do you want to create an energetic, fun atmosphere? Or a high end, classy experience. Build the look with your serving wares, china, and glasses. Get pieces that coordinate nicely with your home and the energy you want to bring to your parties. If having a traditional set of china speaks to your style check out Kate Spade, Wedgewood or Mikasa. If you want a set of dishes that look nice for entertaining but are also sturdy enough for daily use I highly recommend Corelle. You can add them to your online registry through amazon, my registry or target!


  • Step up the Cocktail Game 

A good cocktail enhances any party. Feel like a pro with the right tools. Every good bar needs a mixology set, a pitcher, proper glasses and perhaps even a large beverage dispenser if you plan on a large group. If you can make it all match your decor even better! You can even spruce up your drinks with dried fruit or flowers or chop up fresh fruit for an easy sangria!

  • All in good fun!

Lastly providing great entertainment to your guests will provide a lasting impression and hours of laughter. Add some party games to your wedding registry that you will enjoy for years. Here are some of our favorites! Beware some of these games are not for all audiences and some of them are! Choose wisely and entertain according to your visitor’s temperment.

A bridal registry is more than just a list of items guests can gift to the newlyweds. It can significantly enhance your newly married life, especially when hosting social gatherings with loved ones. By utilizing your wedding registry thoughtfully, you can prepare for every event you plan to host in their home. It’s an excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality items that will help you entertain their guests and create beautiful memories with loved ones. Some Couples have even used their registry to help pay for honeymoon travel or a down payment on a home.



Six Entertaining and Hosting Must Haves for your Wedding Registry
Six Entertaining and Hosting Must Haves for your Wedding Registry