Happy Healthy Hair for your Las Vegas Wedding


Happy Healthy Hair For Your Big Day 

Brides to be, are you ready to start planning your big day? Wedding planning can be overwhelming and involve so many details it’s hard to keep track of everything. From sending out save the dates, configuring a seating chart, or celebrating with your bridal party, planning your wedding day beauty timeline can become an afterthought. You will want to look extra beautiful on your wedding day so planning out your makeup look, your skincare routine, and your hairstyle is essential. Don’t forget to show up on the wedding day with Happy Healthy Hair!

You might be wondering where to start when it comes to planning your wedding day hair. Well, you should start planning in advance so you can have the healthiest and most beautiful hair on your big day. Keep reading to get some healthy hair tips. 

Start your hair care routine now to have healthy hair for your weddingGet a Fresh Cut, Color & Style 

All eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle, greet guests, or bust a move on the dance floor, therefore not only will you want your dress to look perfect you’ll want your wedding day hair to be on point. A fresh cut to trim off the dead ends is a great solution. A haircut will leave your locks looking healthy and even. If you’ve decided on your wedding day hairstyle already you can ask for some layers or face-framing pieces. These two styles would be beautiful with a down hairstyle look with some waves and a hair accessory like a pin or hair clip.  

If you color your hair and need a touch-up on your roots or want to add some highlights, make an appointment with your stylist. Adding some new color to your hair will liven up your strands. A new color treatment can also complement the hairstyle you decide to wear for your ceremony and reception. For example, a balayage treatment can create some depth and would go well with some curls. 

Most importantly, you will want to go to your trusted hairdresser for all these services. Additionally, you should schedule a wedding day hairstyle trial run. A trial run is a perfect opportunity for you to test out some different hairstyles you had in mind for your big day. Once you go through the trial you can decide which style is best. To get some inspiration, browse Pinterest, wedding magazines, or blogs. 

Lovely bride with healthy hairAddress Hair Concerns

Everyone has trouble dealing with hair concerns. Whether they are experiencing a dry scalp, oily or greasy-looking hair, or hair loss, these problems can be managed or fixed before your wedding day. 

Dry scalp and greasy or oily-looking hair can be fixed right at home. A quick online search and you can find a hydrating scalp scrub that will moisturize your scalp. Moisturizing is key when it comes to fixing a dry scalp so including a nourishing and hydrating scalp oil into your routine is an effective solution. For greasy or oily hair, limit how many products you are putting in your hair, as this could lead to product build-up on your strands. Additionally, try a sulfate-free shampoo on your next wash. 

If you struggle with hair loss, you’re not alone and it’s more common in women than you think. A convenient treatment option is to take hair loss pills for women. Such a treatment may help you to grow thicker and fuller hair before the wedding day. However, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider before taking this medication, as you may need a prescription. Additionally, you will want to start this process well in advance before your wedding. Giving this medication ample time to work so you can see the benefits will hopefully minimize your insecurities and give you a bunch of confidence to style and wear your hair freely on your wedding day. 

What is your hair care plan to look your best for your Las Vegas WeddingPractice Healthy Hair Habits

To keep up the good hair practices, you can try out these healthy hair care tricks in preparation for your wedding. For example, start using a silk pillowcase to help reduce frizz. Because the silk pillowcase is so smooth, when you move around at night there will not be as much friction, leading to less breakage, and snarls. You can also incorporate some key foods that contribute to good hair health. This could also be easy for you if you are trying to eat healthy leading up to your wedding. Food with good protein like eggs and meat or blueberries that are rich in vitamin C will contribute to good hair health. 

You no longer need to fret about your wedding day hair with these helpful tips. You will have gorgeous-looking locks as you glow down the aisle. Don’t forget to get some beautiful pictures to capture your happy healthy hair! 

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Happy Healthy Hair for your Las Vegas Wedding
Happy Healthy Hair for your Las Vegas Wedding