Show Vendor Must Haves when exhibiting in the Bridal Spectacular


Participating in a Wedding Show or other expo? Here’s our top show vendor must haves!

Participating in an expo as a vendor? Maybe you are participating in the next Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo. We’ve compiled the top tools that will help make your booth pop, help keep all your essentials charged and on hand, and just make your time as an exhibitor that much more pleasant. We have tailored our recommendations for vendors of the Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo but these tips are great for any trade or consumer show. We have focused on show vendor must haves that you can use over and over again. While there may be some investment up front having these items to reuse again and again can save you money over renting every time a show rolls around.

In this blog we will go over products and services to help you with:

  • Show Electrical Needs
  • Booth Furniture, Linens, and Tools
  • Florals
  • Print Products
  • Audio Visual

IMG_8243Show Electrical & Power

Everyone knows that electrical at an expo is a necessary evil. You may want a TV display in your booth or just the convenience of charging your phone and tablet. Here are some power options for all levels of needs.

CTECHi Portable Power Station 320Wh
  • 320 Watt Output
  • Chare up to 9 devices at one time
  • Fully Recharges in 3 hours
  • Probably best for phones, ipads, laptops. May not be best for television displays as It may not last for a full show day.

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Stations
  • 1000  or 720 Watt Output
  • Charge up to 11 devices at one time
  • Fully Recharges in only one hour
  • Should be able to power a TV for your booth
  • The 720 watt unit has been tested and recommended by one of your fellow vendors!
Other Options
  • Order Electrical from the provider at the convention space. Starts at $195 at The Expo at World Market Center. Starts at $380 at The Rio Hotel. Prices as of 11.07.2022 The electrical order forms will be in your exhibitor kit that we send out 60 days before the event. DO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE TO ORDER! Most companies offer an Early Bird price which expires two weeks before the show.
  • Need to save money? Avoid Electrical. Use tablets and Laptops with long battery Life to share videos with couples more intimately than a large TV
  • Use Wireless LED Up-lights instead of plug in lights. We recommend LED Unplugged Lighting & Event Rentals and AV Vegas.

Engaged couples sign up for grand prizes at the Las Vegas Bridal Spectacular

Booth Furniture and tools

At the Bridal Spectacular we do include some basic booth furniture in your booth. We have black Pipe and Drape. The back wall is 8′ tall and 10′ wide per 10X10 space. You also may have a side wall separating you from a neighbor that is 3′ tall and 10′ wide. Your booth also comes with a standard 6′ banquet table and one chair per 10X10 space. You may want other items to enhance your display. Here are some show vendor must haves that we recommend. These pieces are designed to be easy to transport, set up, and store! Just another way to make your life easier.

PRO-TIP! If you liked it then you should have put a ring 💍  on it! In other word please put your company name and phone number on your personal items!


Rentals and other  Recommendations
  • RSVP Party Rentals
  • Las Vegas Party Rentals and Tents
  • LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals
  • IFR FIRE RESISTANT Table Linens the safest bet that the Fire marshal won’t give you grief is to make sure all your linens are fire resistant and have either a printed certificate or a tag on them. Here is a source of guaranteed fire resistant table linens. If you rent linens for your booth you should ask your rental company to provide you with a copy of the certification to keep on hand at your booth. Most linens from Amazon did not appear to be fire resistant. Can you get a way with non-fire resistant linens? Most Likely…. But I cannot guarantee it. It comes down to how much of a stickler the inspecting fire marshal is. If you don’t want to risk it make sure you have fire proofed linens. Anything we provide you is fireproof certified.
  • CERTIFIED FIRE RETARDANCY If you have built a wood structure for your booth you can have it professionally fire certified. They will treat it with a fire retardant solution and provide a certificate. While you can purchase fire retardant solution and apply it to your booth yourself it is not certified unless it is done professionally.

Jennifer's Floral participates in Las Vegas Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo

Floral Decor

Floral can be a tough one. Florists have a lot of raw costs so their product is rightfully expensive. When you are trying to design a booth on a budget floral could blow that budget quickly. If Flowers are a must for you here are some options.

    • Network with a florist who is in the wedding show that way you can proudly say where your florals came from. You cannot promote an outside florist
    • DIY those flowers. You know you can order bulk flowers directly to you from FiftyFlowers. We have done this for our own styled shoots. You can buy by the bunch and arrange yourself OR you can order something from their prearranged collection.
    • Go Silk! Silk flowers can cost a pretty penny up front, especially for quality looking florals but you can use them show after show!
    • Remember that unless you are a florist yourself you don’t need a lot of florals. You don’t want someone to walk by your booth and think you are a florist if you are something entirely different.

Talk to a DIY Flower Expert

Good signage is one of the core show vendor must haves!


Print Products

Good signage is key for promoting at an expo. Think of it as your billboard that will attract people to your booth. They should know who you are and what you do at a glance. We are always amazed by how many beautiful booths we see at our show with NO CLEAR SIGNAGE! It makes us cry inside. Don’t be that person. We have lots of great resources for you for your signage, flyers, business cards and more!

  • is great for affordable printing. Not great for last minute orders but if you are starting your show planning with time to spare they are a great go to!
  • is an awesome local printing resource. They are amazing on last minute orders and will even deliver directly to the show. Use code Bridal15 for discounts on all their printing products. See flyer below!
  • Georgia Expo is an awesome source for trade show accessories and custom printed booth back drops and table linens.
  • Sticker Mule is our favorite Sticker source! They have other cool products too like custom mailing bags, shipping tape, buttons, shirts and more!

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule Create Postcards in Minutes at PsPrint!

Never Late Printing is offering special rates for Bridal Spectacular Vendors! Save on your printing needs247 DSC_0895

Audio Visual

Want to have a professional display, show videos on loop on a large screen, or enjoy professional lighting solutions. AV Vegas can help. They do all of our Audio, Staging, and fashion show set up and they do an amazing job. We are confidant that they can meet your needs as well!

Contact AV Vegas 702.878.5050 [email protected]


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Show Vendor Must Haves when exhibiting in the Bridal Spectacular
Show Vendor Must Haves when exhibiting in the Bridal Spectacular