Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover by LuxLife Las Vegas!


As we are fast approach wedding season here in Las Vegas, we are excited to announce the brand new Spectacular Weddings of Las Vegas Magazine Cover which features LuxLife Las Vegas Photography and Spiegelworld!

Spectacular Weddings of Las Vegas, is excited to share some of the most modern and relevant bridal fashions by Brilliant Bridal and Bella Bridesmaids all featured at three of Spiegelworld’s most beloved Las Vegas venues. The OPM, Atomic Saloon, and Absinthe are known and recommended for their food, drinks, and entertainment. However, we recommend them for being the perfect venue for your dreamiest, most magical, and unique wedding or special event! You won’t want to miss what’s inside the newest issue!

 Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover.

Congratulations to LuxLife Vegas Photography and Videography on being selected for the Cover of Spectacular Weddings Magazine! It is always difficult to choose when surrounded by talented Vegas Photographers, yet we loved this pick. Mike from LuxLife Vegas Photography and Videography is incredibly talented, outgoing and fun. Not only will you love the images and his videos at the end of the day, but you will feel at ease having him and his team around you and your guests at your wedding. Let’s take a look at the cover and his featured images inside. You will certainly love this photography and videography company!

Spectacular Weddngs Vol 33, No 2 Cover

Spiegelworld, A One-Of-A-Kind Venue.

Every Spiegelworld space is a unique, infinitely explorable world unto itself, from our three hit Vegas shows, Absinthe, OPM and Atomic Saloon Show, to the Strip’s first Italian American Psychedelic restaurant-slash-house party, Superfrico. So when it comes to planning events, why stop at ‘special’ when your next one could be extra… well, extra? From weddings, birthdays and bachelor or bachelorette parties, Spiegelworld’s celebrations experts will help you craft the Vegas event experience of your wildest dreams. Contact them to learn more at [email protected]. Now, be inspired by these wonderful images of Absinthe!

Additionally, Spectacular Weddings thanks our contributing  Las Vegas wedding professionals.

Brilliant Bridal                                                 Bella Bridesmaids

Friar Tux                                                            Jennifer’s Floral Design

Makeup in the 702                                         Fairytail Pet Care

Luxlife Absinthe Spectacularweddings 063

Luxlife Absinthe Spectacularweddings 075

Luxlife Absinthe Spectacularweddings 112

Luxlife Absinthe Spectacularweddings 086


Luxlife Absinthe Spectacularweddings 108

Luxlife Absinthe Spectacularweddings 106

Meet The Wedding Pros Of This Amazing Photo Shoot!

Brilliant Bridal                                                 Bella Bridesmaids

Friar Tux                                                            Jennifer’s Floral Design

Makeup in the 702                                           Fairytail Pet Care

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Finally, Enjoy the behind the scenes video produced by Memory Lane Video.

Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover by LuxLife Las Vegas!
Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover by LuxLife Las Vegas!