Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover Features M Place Productions!


Congratulations to M Place Productions for scoring another Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover.

Selecting the Cover of Spectacular Weddings Magazine is always difficult when surrounded by talented Vegas Photographers but we loved this pick. Matt from M Place productions is incredibly talented, outgoing and fun. Not only will you love the product at the end of the day you will feel so at ease having Matt or his team around you at your wedding. That is important when considering your wedding photographer as you don’t want to end up with someone you don’t like following you around all day when you are trying to make precious memories. Let’s take a look at the cover and his features inside!!! You are sure to fall in love with this Photo/Video company

Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover

Its been a while since we selected a Real Las Vegas couple for our magazine cover but Karina and Angel just looked so in love and the fairy lights were so sweet and romantic glowing in the trees at The Grove Wedding Venue. Their smiles were so infections we couldn’t help but stare. So we decided to stare at them on our cover.

January 2023 Spectacular Weddings Vol 33 No 1 COVER

Real Weddings featured in the magazine

M Place productions had multiple real weddings featured in the magazine. In most cases they offered photo and video services for the couples. They captured all the important, romantic moments and the beautiful decor that the couples worked hard for. These are the M Place Productions Weddings that were featured in the latest issue.

Rueshee & Dave

Karina & Angel

Emily & Rob

Tasha & John

Rebecca & Timothy

Ashley & Michael

M Place Productions has had the cover before!

Did you know M Place Productions has been featured on our magazine cover before? Check it out! A Big thank you to Matt and M Place Productions for always sharing their creativity with us!

Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover Features M Place Productions!
Spectacular Weddings Magazine Cover Features M Place Productions!