These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals are Reliable Regulars – Part One


These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals Have been helping Bridal Spectacular Brides for a long time!

They have honed their craft and offer the best services for your wedding. Check out our SuperStar Award Recipients from the January 2022 show! We Love all of our Las Vegas wedding professionals. But long time Bridal Spectacular Vendors DO get a special place in our hearts. These 10 professionals received a SuperStar award at the recent Bridal Spectacular and we want to share their achievement with you.

These are the Las Vegas Wedding Professionals that received Star Awards at the January 2022 Bridal Spectacular. What is a SuperStar Award? We give every vendor a SuperStar plaque when they reach 5 shows with us! Then we update their plaque every 5 shows (10 shows, 15 show, 20 shows, all the way up to 60 shows!) We consider anyone with a star award to be part of our family as some of these people truly are. When you see a star award you know you aren’t dealing with a newbie vendor. These companies are here for you and remain a trusted part of the Las Vegas Wedding community.

Friar Tux receives star award at Bridal Spectacular1. Friar Tux – 60 shows

This company serves the Las Vegas Community passionately providing quality suits and tuxedos for rent or purchase. They are always networking  and working actively with the community. No other shop has as large of an inventory to fill last minute tuxedo orders. They also have convenient Southern California locations as well as and online tuxedo rental services for the groom on the go. Be sure to check them out!

The Grove, Las Vegas Wedding Professionals receive star award at Bridal Spectacular2. The Grove – 55 Shows

The Grove is a stunning family owned and operated garden venue. The stunning scenery at the grove takes you right out of Vegas and drops you into lush vegetation and stunning trees that flower in the spring. A little piece of heaven in our hot valley. They have done 55 shows with us now and it is always such a pleasure to work with them. Be sure to come meet them at the show or schedule a tour for the venue.

Events by Paiute, Las Vegas Wedding Professionals receive star award at January Bridal Spectacular3.  Las Vegas Paiute Resort – 45 Shows

Another stunning escape just a quick drive North on the 95. The Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort offers stunning picturesque views, a perfectly sized banquet space and a team that cares about your wedding day. It has been a joy working with their team for around 25 years.

The Men's Wearhouse, Las Vegas Wedding Tuxedo Pros receive star award at Bridal Spectacular4. Men’s Wearhouse – 45 Shows

Everyone knows the name nationwide but they have also been a long lasting name in our community. Men’s Wearhouse has four convenient locations scattered across town plus locations across the nation for your friends and family who are traveling to Vegas for the wedding.

Tina at Bear's Best shows off her star award with pride.5. Bear’s Best Golf – 40 Shows

Bear’s Best Golf Course is a consistently popular wedding venue that offers amazing All-Inclusive wedding packages that makes your planning a breeze. Gaining access to their year’s of experience, quality catering, and skilled vendor team will make your Wedding a dream.

LED Unplugged receives star award for attending 25 Bridal Spectacular Events.6. LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals – 25 Shows

Kevin from LED Unplugged can’t be missed at our show. He always goes above and beyond to create amazing trend displays for the show attendees but also to help his fellow vendors shine. If you sat in the lounge for a drink or noticed any of the amazing marquee letter signs chances are you were enjoying the work of LED Unplugged.

Let’s take another look at these award winning Las Vegas Wedding Pros and check for part two and three of this blog to see the rest of our star awards winners

Thank you to all our superstars and vendors new and old. We can’t wait to see you all again at the next show. It will be here in no time and we are humbled by and grateful for your support!


The Bridal Spectacular Team

LED Unplugged lounge to grab a drink from the bar

These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals are Reliable Regulars – Part One
These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals are Reliable Regulars – Part One