These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals are Reliable Regulars – Part Two


These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals Have been helping Bridal Spectacular Brides for a long time!

They have honed their craft and offer the best services for your wedding. Check out our SuperStar Award Recipients from the January 2022 show! We Love all of our Las Vegas wedding professionals. But long time Bridal Spectacular Vendors DO get a special place in our hearts. These 10 professionals received a SuperStar award at the recent Bridal Spectacular and we want to share their achievement with you.

These are the Las Vegas Wedding Professionals that received Star Awards at the January 2022 Bridal Spectacular. What is a SuperStar Award? We give every vendor a SuperStar plaque when they reach 5 shows with us! Then we update their plaque every 5 shows (10 shows, 15 show, 20 shows, all the way up to 60 shows!) We consider anyone with a star award to be part of our family as some of these people truly are. When you see a star award you know you aren’t dealing with a newbie vendor. These companies are here for you and remain a trusted part of the Las Vegas Wedding community. Part two of this blog shows you the vendors who have hit 10-15 shows with The Bridal Spectacular.

AA Discount travel receives a Star award for years of helping Las Vegas Brides plan their honeymoon7. AA Discount Travel – 15 shows

Perry is just the nicest person you will ever meet. He and his qualified team love helping our couples plan their honeymoon and destination weddings. No matter where your dream destination is or how you would like to get there AA Discount Travel can help you plan it.

D&R House of Diamonds, Las Vegas Wedding Professionals receive their star award8. D & R House of Diamonds – 15 Shows

Dave and Richard of D & R House of Diamonds are our go-to jewelers! They are always bringing the sparkle and shine to our show. They also participate in many of our grand prize giveaway. Last show 6 couples got to dig into a ball pit for a chance to win a custom engagement ring and the show before that they had to find the ring in the cake! These guys are so much fun but they are also so talented. Visit them to find or create your perfect ring.

9. Las Vegas National Golf  Club – 15 Shows

While Las Vegas National has been with us for 15 shows our friend Illa has been with us for 41! It was so nice celebrating this milestone with her but knowing we have been working together for over 20 years.

Silhouette Bridal receives star award at Las Vegas bridal show Bridal Spectacular.10. Silhouette Bridal – 10 Shows

Silhouette Bridal has been gracing our fashion show with stunning dresses for 10 shows but we have known Soondis, the owner, for more than 10 years. It has been wonderful to see her shop grow and serve stunning Vegas and Henderson brides, maids, and flower girls.

The lovely ladies at Glammed Up Vegas receive their star award11. Glammed Up Vegas – 10 Shows

Natalie and Elizabeth of Glammed Up Vegas are such kind and talented ladies. It has been a pleasure to work with them at 10 bridal shows now as well as on multiple photoshoots. They are alway generous with their art and expertise.

Las Vegas Party Rentals receives their star award12. Las Vegas Party Rentals – 10 Shows

Steve at Las Vegas Party Rentals is dedicated to bringing quality rentals to the Las Vegas events community. I have gotten to see his business evolve over the years and its always exciting to see what new rentals he has to offer. Be sure to visit Las Vegas Party Rentals and see what they have to offer.

Let’s take another look at these award winning Las Vegas Wedding Pros If you missed part one of this blog skip on over there to meet our vendors who have participated in 25 or more shows! Part Three will feature our newest star award members who have hit their five show milestone.

Thank you to all our superstars and vendors new and old. We can’t wait to see you all again at the next show. It will be here in no time and we are humbled by and grateful for your support!


The Bridal Spectacular Team

These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals are Reliable Regulars – Part Two
These Las Vegas Wedding Professionals are Reliable Regulars – Part Two